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The surrounding area

When going on holiday, one of the most frequently asked questions is: what is there to see? The answer is simple if you happen to be going to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: at the Residence Del Mare we are happy to talk you through the most important places in Trieste in which history, art, culture and nature co-exist in perfection. On this page, you will find more information on what to see in and around Trieste, including all the sights that are within easy reach thanks to the perfect location of the apartment complex.


PIAZZA UNITÀ D’ITALIA – It’s the largest square in Europe that overlooks the sea and is home to the Fountain of the Four Continents, among other things; you can find numerous important buildings, including the Austrian lieutenancy building. Also known as “Trieste’s salotto” (or living room), this square is perfect for taking a daytime or evening stroll;


TRIESTE’S CANAL GRANDE – Located in the heart of the city, it is a navigable canal created in the middle of the 1700s that continues to attract an incredible number of visitors, both tourists and long-term residents of the city. There is also a particularly unique and beautiful red and white palace that overlooks the canal; we are talking, of course, about Gopcevich Palace. Next to the Red Bridge you will find a statue of James Joyce, the Irish author of Ulysses who had close connections with the city.


SAN GIUSTO HILL – Both the Castle and the Cathedral of S. Giusto are located on the top of the hill that towers above the city center. The first is home to a museum which mainly consists in the ancient Armory, while the second is a church which is rich of history and of beautiful mosaics. It is also interesting to walk through the Memorial park dedicated to the people who died during the 20th century wars.


MIRAMARE CASTLE AND PARK – The castle was built around the half of the 19th century and is located between the sea and a magnificent park. The inside, which is furnished as it was designed originally, has become a museum. Especially during the summer it is worth taking a stroll in the vast park and enjoying the beautiful view of the coastline.


SALONE DEGLI INCANTI – (Hall of enchantments) – A stunning centre of modern and contemporary art, often used for a large number of exhibitions: a particularly popular tourist attraction and undoubtedly a contributing factor towards Trieste being recognised as one of the most progressive cities of today, thanks to its architecture and much more.


NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM – Exhibits botanic, mineral, paleontological and zoological collections. The museum is home to artefacts that are notably important from both a historical and archaeological point of view. It has recently been extended and updated, for a truly great museum experience;


This is just a taste of what there is to see and admire in our city: the rest can be found in the churches and people’s historical and religious accounts; it is full of places to relax and have fun. What’s more, since our complex is located so centrally, you can get anywhere quickly and easily. For more information on what to see in and around Trieste, our staff on reception and within the complex will be more than happy to help.


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