We are delighted to welcome you to the Residence Del Mare’s website!
Our Residence is located in Trieste, in a very central position, just a short walk from Piazza Dell’Unità d’Italia. Our 3-star apartment complex has 36 apartments spread over 6 floors. Each apartment is equipped with all the amenities needed by families or groups of friends to spend a lovely time in one of the most beautiful, ancient and fascinating cities in our country.

Trieste is the birthplace of some of the important figures in our literary history (Svevo and Saba), in television (Lelio Luttazzi) and sports (Nino Benvenuti and Cesare Maldini). We have many museums and art galleries – contemporary and modern – but lots of fun attractions, as well: this is a city where there’s something to enjoy for everyone.

Each apartment in our 3-star residential complex is finely furnished and guarantees the right amount of privacy: indeed, each has a private bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen and up to two bedrooms. Some apartments have a wonderful view, too, of the high mountain peaks beyond the city as well as the gorgeous bay. You will find our staff friendly and helpful, whatever your needs, ready to help you find your bearings in order to visit all the most interesting places in the city.

Do not hesitate to ask for anything you might need during your stay!

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